Last week my attention was drawn to two different articles originating on either side of the Atlantic on one topic: abortion.

The American article was reporting on the results of a recent Gallup poll into attitudes towards abortion. Gallup, it said “is now recording the lowest level of self-described pro-choicers in its history of tracking the abortion issue.” It noted that “The polling shows that…Americans – especially young Americans – are rejecting [abortion] with increasing disgust, and not just for religious reasons,” and went on to identify three possible reasons for this shift in attitudes.

The British article, in contrast, was reporting that new figures from the NHS reveal that in 2010 abortions were given “to three teenage girls in England and Wales who had previously had at least seven pregnancies terminated.”

What accounts for this difference? What are the cultural understandings underlying these two differing attitudes? And what has it got to do with motorbikes? Hope over to my blog to see what I think – and add your suggestions!


About Jennie Pollock

Jennie Pollock is a freelance writer and editor who lives in central London and is passionate about reading between the lines of our moral and ethical assumptions. She blogs at and tweets as @missjenniep

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