One of the great side-effects of participating in Jeff Goins’ writing challenge a few weeks back was the great people I ‘met’ through it.

One of these was Annie Carter, a writer from the UK who was really encouraging about my other blog, NewSong40.

She ‘got it’ – she understood what it was about and what I want to say through it. I was so encouraged to find someone else who was on the same wavelength, who thought that reading and understanding our culture and its values, then helping to offer it a fuller, wider, better, more satisfying vision of life.

I’m thrilled today to be hosting the first of two guest posts by Annie over on the blog. Today she’s writing about our ‘Candyfloss Culture‘ (that’s ‘cotton candy’ to some of my international readers!), and next week she’ll look at the church in the West and consider if it is a Candyfloss Church…

Enjoy – and do leave her an encouraging comment after the post.


About Jennie Pollock

Jennie Pollock is a freelance writer and editor who lives in central London and is passionate about reading between the lines of our moral and ethical assumptions. She blogs at and tweets as @missjenniep

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